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History of Rolex Watches

ROLEX was founded by a young German Hans Wilsdrof (born on 22 March 1881) in Kulmbach Franconia. In 1900 he was apprenticed at an export company located in a watch La Chaux De Fonds., Swiss. At the age of 24 years he decided to create his own watch company called Wilsdorf & Davies was founded in 1905 in london. In the same year she married Hans Wilsdrof English Law as well as brother-in-law William Davis. In 1908 the company became the leading watch companies in the United Kingdom.

Wilsdrof is a perfectionist who developed the standard manufacture of watches and his strong desire to be able to make the clock smaller and more accurate than the hours to produce a large bag. Aegler, a small company in Bienne, Switzerland agreed to supply Wilsdrof with a small movement, so sufficient for inclusion in a wristwatch.

Rolex name was chosen because the pronunciation of the word is very easy even for any nation in the world and the fifth letter is very fit when printed on a watch dial. According to the book "Wristwatches" published by Konemann (1999) mentioned that the word Rolex came from "horlogerie exquise" which means exquisite watchmaking.

In 1910, Rolex sent movement for the first time to the School of Horology in Switzerland. Movement was finally obtained for the first time the world's chronometer certificate. Movement managed to meet two main riteria in chronometer trials, namely: 1) the accuracy and 2) reliability. At that time, the hours that are produced have a weakness in the casing. Dust and water can easily enter through caseback and knobs (crown). On the basis that eventually Wilsdrof syatem trying to create a dust-proof casing and water. Findings at the end of 1926 is finally completely change the production system in the world of horology.

Oyster casing first publication was carried out by Mercedes Gleitze a swimmer first British woman to swim across the English Channel. At that Mercedes uses Rolex Oyster offered by Wilsdrof. And a month after evidence that Rolex Wilsdrof is water-resistant, Wilsdorf then make major publications in British newspapers.

There is a small problem with the casing of this oyster system, we have to unscrew (open) before turning the knob to get the power for hours. Over time people will forget to lock it again with water and dust tight so that very little can get into the casing and damage the movement.

The answer to this problem was found in 1931 to found a perpetual winding mechanism and patented by Emile Borer, son in law of Aegler family and is the head of R & D in the Rolex factory in Bienne. Now one does not need to rotate the knob to get energy because energy is stored by itself when someone was moving. The new knob is opened when the clock was about to match it.
Another important discovery is the addition of ROLEX date pointer at position number 3. This model was introduced in 1945 and is named The Datejust. To date more than 60 years after this model was produced with only slight variations in design changes and the design of the most well known clock in the world because it is a hallmark of ROLEX.


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