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Backlink Dofollow dari Situs EDU 2011

Backlink Dofollow dari Situs EDU 2011

Mendapatkan backlink yang berkualitas seperti dari domain edu merupakan Backlink dari blog PR tinggi. Dengan dukungan backlink dari situs edu akan memperbaiki mutu SEO Blog kita  serta akan mengangkat popularitas sebuah blog.

Domain edu adalah domain dari situs pendidikan (education) dan mempunyai reputasi yang baik dimata search engine seperti google. Mendapatkan backlink dari situs edu memang lebih sulit daripada blog lainya, tetapi anda tak perlu berputus asa "maju terus pantang mundur", 

Dibawah ini saya tampilkan sedikit daftar dari situ edu, sebagian ada yang auto approve serta gratiss dan sebagian lagi harus register dulu ke situs mereka. Beberapa diantara sudah saya coba, yang lainya silahkan anda coba sendiri. Kalau ada tambahan informasi tolong dimasukan ke komentar ya...

Berikut adalah beberapa daftar dari situs edu  :
PR 8
PR 6
PR 5
PR 4
  5. Inner page:
PR 3
Inner page : PR2 PR2 PR2 PR2 PR2 


Dan dibawah ini adalah Forum dari situs edu silahkan Anda mendaftar pada forum mereka dan masukan alamat blog anda pada bagian edit profil atau add new entry pada bagian blog. Beberapa forum ada yang tidak menerima email dari yahoo tetapi sebagian lagi tidak mempermasalahkanya:

Nah itu adalah beberapa daftar yang dapat anda jadikan sumber backlink, yang saya dapat dari beberapa sumber. Kalau ada kekurangan jangan sungkan2 untuk memberikan komentar, kritik dan sarannya. 

Sabtu, 26 November 2011

Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Sapphire gem is a mineral, type of stone that formed from the results of geologic processes that elements consist of one or several chemical components of aluminum oxideSapphire including crystalline minerals, meaning he will form a regular fields when broken. In contrast to the amorphous mineral of irregular shape at the time of the rupture either because of deliberate or not.
Sapphire is one of the most sought after gems in the world besides the type of precious stones such as Diamonds, Emerald, and Ruby. Basically Between Ruby and Sapphire are the jewels belonging to the same variety, the jewel that is composed of the same material ie Aluminum Oxide, these gemstones is classified in a variety of mineral corundum. Corundum hardness second only to diamond in the Mohs scale.
Minerals korondum / sapphire has the following characteristics:
Aluminum Oxide Chemical Elements
Crystal Structure of:     Hexagonal
The level of violence:   9 in the Mohs scale
Specific Gravity:          3.9 to 4.1 g / cc
Bias index from:          1.762 to 1.770
varieties of:                  Corundum
All red corundum is called Ruby, while other colors are called sapphire.
Safir types based on color: Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Green Sappire, Black Sapphire, and others.
Producing countries the sapphire stone are: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Ceylon, the United States and Russia, meanwhile Indonesia are Borneo and Pacitan. Sapphire gems are very  favored by the collectors because of its beauty also the existence of certain myths such as for treatment, and the price is very expensive. Sapphire is also often combined with other jewelry such as gold or diamonds so that the more expensive price. Examples of jewelry that has the beauty and high prices are as follows:

Jumat, 25 November 2011

HSS Electric Guitar 3 Tone Sunburst

HSS Electric Guitar 3 Tone Sunburst

Among the many American Standard on the guitar, the Stratocaster HSS model is worth you to try, with more output and warmth from the company Tex Mex single-coil pickups and Diamond back humbucking pickup. S-1 switch is removed to keep it simple, but you do not have worry - we continue to improve key features such as hand-rolled fingerboard edges and staggered tuning machines, and we added some new features, including a bridge repaired with a bent-steel saddles and copper-infused high-mass block for increased resonance and sustain.

Other features include neck-colored, high-gloss maple or rosewood fingerboard, satin finish neck, thinner finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and increase the resonance, and a Fender-exclusive SKB molded case.

With a combination of single-coil Tex Mex middle and neck pickups and Diamondback humbucking bridge pickup and produce a variety of tones that is wide enough to encompass every style of music.

The combination of bent-steel saddles, bridges and high-mass block under the complete thin layer contributing to outstanding resonance and sustain this model.

Hand-rolled fingerboard edges and the back of the neck is satin finish makes the neck feels fast and very comfortable.

Kamis, 24 November 2011

Titanium Strong and Light Metal for Jewelry

Titanium Strong and Light Metal for Jewelry

Titanium (Ti) is the metal that has a mild properties (density 4.51g/cm3), strong and corrosion resistant, and more resistant to heat because it will melt at a temperature of 16700C. Unlike the iron, melts at a temperature equal 114700C. Titanium light like aluminum but stronger than steel. The form will not change even been used in the time long period  enough.

Titanium is found in Cornwall, England, by William Gregor in 1791 and named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth for the Titans of Greek mythology.

All commercially titanium metal 
produced from TiCl4 (titanium tetrachloride), an intermediate produced during the chlorination process for titantium oxide pigments. This process involves chlorination of ore concentrates; TiO2 with chlorine gas (Cl 2) and coke (carbon, C) in a fluidized bed reactor-pure form of titanium tetrachloride. Titanium tetrachloride is reacted with magnesium (Mg) or sodium (Na) to form a pure metal called sponge. Next sponge, alloying additions, and scrap is mixed, then compressed to form a sponge electrodes. Electrode is then withdrawn to form a pure Titanium through an electrochemical process.

Titanium is used in many fields such as automotive industry,
Chemical Processing, Petroleum,
 Aviation, health, as a mixture of metals and alloys are also widely used as jewelry.

Wearing jewelry with titanium base material, not to worry when outdoors activities, such as in swimming pools because titanium is resistant to any strong chemicals, including substances commonly found in clorine water in the pool.

Today, titanium is the best material to be made ​​as one of the jewels of high quality and durable. Examples of jewelry made of titanium can be viewed as shown below:

Tools Untuk analisa keywords

Meningkatkan SEO dengan menganalisa keyword menggunakan keyword analyzer untuk mengetahui apakah keyword sudah optimal untuk mesin pencari. Keyword selayaknya dipelajari karena berhubungan dengan pengunjung. Pintar bermain keyword berarti pintar mendatangkan pengunjung. Banyak pengunjung berarti banyak peluang yang tercipta. Salah satu tools yang dapat digunakan adalah keyword analyzer.  

Keyword Analyzer adalah sebuah tool gratisan yang bisa dimanfaatkan para blogger atau webmaster untuk menganalisa posisi keyword berdasarkan struktur heading. Judul atau title dan keyword yang baik posisinya terletak pada heading 1 (h1). Struktur seperti  ini akan memudahkan search engine dalam meng crawl url, dengan menggunakan page keyword analyzer ini kita dapat mengetahui apakah title dan keyword kita terletak pada tag h1 atau tidak, kita juga akan mengetahui berat loading halaman, dan melihat tampilan preview bagaimana mesin pencari menampilkan postingan kita di hasil pencarian.

Salah satu situs gratisan untuk menganalisa keywords atau analisa meta tag yang perlu anda kunjungi adalah seocentro, caranya cukup mudah yaitu:
  • Buka situs seocentro
  • Pilih menu Page Keyword Analyzer 
  • Masukan keyword dan url postingan pada form yang tersedia 
  • Masukan angka anti spam (access code) 
  • Klik submit.

Setelah itu anda akan melihat hasilnya, dan pastikan bahwa posisi Title, Description, Keyword Anda berada pada tag h1. Semoga bermanfaat. Silahkan beri saran dan kritik anda pada bagian komentar.

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Utilization of Platinum for Engagement Ring

Utilization of Platinum for Engagement Ring

White gold is the alloy which mixed of gold and other white metals such as nickel (Ni), silver (Ag), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt) or rhodium (Rh). The existence of mixed white metals will change color from yellow to white gold. White gold with rhodium plated needs to be a brilliant color.

Manufacture of white gold has 
been long  practiced since 1920 as a replacement of platinum. Now, white gold is so popular and widely sold with levels ranging from 9 to 21 carat. White gold is often used to beautify the sparkle of diamond and colored gemstones. In addition, the ring is done from a choice of white gold engagement and marriage.

Below is a list of metal content for mixed white gold:

Ct Gold
% wt
% wt
% wt
% wt
18ct 75 2.2 17.3 5.5 220 960
75 8.5 13.5 3.0 200 955
75 13.0 8.5 3.5 150 950
14ct 58.5 22.0 12.0 7.4 150 995
10ct 41.7 32.8 17.1 8.4 145 1085
9ct 37.5 40.0 10.5 12.0 130 1040

Although platinum metals including the rare but still widely used for jewelry. Platinum (Pt) is a white metal. In jewelry, platinum purity unit declared with Pt900, Pt950 and Pt1000. Means Pt900 platinum jewelry contains 90% (900 from 1000). Commonly used in jewelry is Pt900 and Pt 950, although there are also Pt 1000 (pure platinum). Platinum is included heavy metals, which weighs 2 times heavier than gold. Price per gram of platinum 2 to 2.5 times more expensive than gold. So for the same design of the platinum ring will be 4-5 times more expensive than gold. Therefore, bracelet or necklace of platinum would be very rare because the price is very expensive. Besides the color of platinum is more durable than other metals and will never fade.

Here is an example of an engagement ring made ​​of platinum:

Selasa, 22 November 2011

Recognize Diamond Jewelry

Recognize Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds, is the hardest thing on earth, are resistant to damage. However, combined diamond jewelry in different metals, and the treatment will vary with each metal. Diamonds should be cleaned in a solution of one part ammonia to six parts water, using a soft scrub brush to remove dirt. This is a good idea to clean this jewelry once a year by a jeweler, as well as for security arrangements. Diamond jewelry should be stored in soft cloth bags to ensure that the stone will not scratch other jewelry. Diamond itself is made of carbon that formed naturally at high temperature and thermodynamic processes of nature. The authenticity of a diamond affected five elements known as 5C, namely carat, clarity, color, cut and certificate

Carat is the unit of weight for diamonds, with one carat is equivalent to 100 points. You'll often see a diamond referred to as a stone or a diamond 3/4-carat 75-points. Larger stones are often more highly valued, but size should not be the only consideration - high brilliance, which varies according to grade clarity, cut, and color, highly desirable in a diamond.

Clarity of a diamond marked by brilliance in capturing the slightest light and reflecting back. This is what is termed 'flickering' or the underlying maxim 'like a diamond in the mud'. According to wikipedia, diamond clarity is influenced by the 'dirt' in the form of other minerals and cracks on the surface or in a diamond. Mixture of minerals and diamonds is what causes the cracks look less shiny or 'muddy'. Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is one of the international reference in the standardization of the measurement of the clarity of a diamond. The highest clarity of the best labeled a 'flawless category (FL)', followed by 'very very slightly included (VVS)' to 'category included (i) as the lowest category. However, not a few who consider some 'minor defect' has become one of those diamond feature.


Hough diamonds come in a variety of colors, colorless diamonds have traditionally been considered the most valuable. Most diamonds graded on a scale using the letters of the alphabet, from D (colorless), the best grade, through Z (light yellow). It is difficult for the untrained eye to see such variations in color unless stones are being compared is put together.


There are four common types of diamond cuts; the oval, marquis, pear, heart, emerald and baguette. But not the types that determine the shape of this piece of diamond prices. However, the accuracy and neatness cut diamonds that affect the quality of reflected light that enter through it.

This is the latest element that changes the concept of quality assessment of the previous diamond 4C. Although not all stores that sell diamond jewelry includes a certificate of international class like a diamond certificate issued by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), but at least in the letter of the purchase of a diamond wedding ring, the quality of carat, clarity, color and cut are always listed. You need a certificate is not just as a personal knowledge of the diamond you have, but as the force of law when you want to sell or demand related to the jewelry store if it is found that the quality of the diamond you buy is not as stated in their certificates. For extra security, buy a diamond always at jewelry stores that include a certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), American Gemological Laboratories (AGL), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), HRD / Antwerp Diamond High Council, and the Schweizerische Stiftung fur Edelstein -Forschung (SSEF)

Diamonds are the most expensive jewelry in the world, and many collected by sophisticated class women. Diamonds, among others, are made as eye rings, earrings, necklaces and so on. Here are some examples of diamond jewelry.

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