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Ceylon Sapphire and Diamond Pendant

Sapphire gem is a mineral, type of stone that formed from the results of geologic processes that elements consist of one or several chemical components of aluminum oxideSapphire including crystalline minerals, meaning he will form a regular fields when broken. In contrast to the amorphous mineral of irregular shape at the time of the rupture either because of deliberate or not.
Sapphire is one of the most sought after gems in the world besides the type of precious stones such as Diamonds, Emerald, and Ruby. Basically Between Ruby and Sapphire are the jewels belonging to the same variety, the jewel that is composed of the same material ie Aluminum Oxide, these gemstones is classified in a variety of mineral corundum. Corundum hardness second only to diamond in the Mohs scale.
Minerals korondum / sapphire has the following characteristics:
Aluminum Oxide Chemical Elements
Crystal Structure of:     Hexagonal
The level of violence:   9 in the Mohs scale
Specific Gravity:          3.9 to 4.1 g / cc
Bias index from:          1.762 to 1.770
varieties of:                  Corundum
All red corundum is called Ruby, while other colors are called sapphire.
Safir types based on color: Blue Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, Green Sappire, Black Sapphire, and others.
Producing countries the sapphire stone are: Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Australia, Ceylon, the United States and Russia, meanwhile Indonesia are Borneo and Pacitan. Sapphire gems are very  favored by the collectors because of its beauty also the existence of certain myths such as for treatment, and the price is very expensive. Sapphire is also often combined with other jewelry such as gold or diamonds so that the more expensive price. Examples of jewelry that has the beauty and high prices are as follows:


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