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Utilization of Platinum for Engagement Ring

White gold is the alloy which mixed of gold and other white metals such as nickel (Ni), silver (Ag), palladium (Pd), platinum (Pt) or rhodium (Rh). The existence of mixed white metals will change color from yellow to white gold. White gold with rhodium plated needs to be a brilliant color.

Manufacture of white gold has 
been long  practiced since 1920 as a replacement of platinum. Now, white gold is so popular and widely sold with levels ranging from 9 to 21 carat. White gold is often used to beautify the sparkle of diamond and colored gemstones. In addition, the ring is done from a choice of white gold engagement and marriage.

Below is a list of metal content for mixed white gold:

Ct Gold
% wt
% wt
% wt
% wt
18ct 75 2.2 17.3 5.5 220 960
75 8.5 13.5 3.0 200 955
75 13.0 8.5 3.5 150 950
14ct 58.5 22.0 12.0 7.4 150 995
10ct 41.7 32.8 17.1 8.4 145 1085
9ct 37.5 40.0 10.5 12.0 130 1040

Although platinum metals including the rare but still widely used for jewelry. Platinum (Pt) is a white metal. In jewelry, platinum purity unit declared with Pt900, Pt950 and Pt1000. Means Pt900 platinum jewelry contains 90% (900 from 1000). Commonly used in jewelry is Pt900 and Pt 950, although there are also Pt 1000 (pure platinum). Platinum is included heavy metals, which weighs 2 times heavier than gold. Price per gram of platinum 2 to 2.5 times more expensive than gold. So for the same design of the platinum ring will be 4-5 times more expensive than gold. Therefore, bracelet or necklace of platinum would be very rare because the price is very expensive. Besides the color of platinum is more durable than other metals and will never fade.

Here is an example of an engagement ring made ​​of platinum:


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