Senin, 14 November 2011

We are very pleased to present the latest products 1834C/NT fantastic Furuno Marine Waterproof 10.4-Inch GPS and chart plotter. With many options available today, is the prestige of having a name you can trust. The 10.4-InchFuruno1834C/NT Waterproof Marine GPS chartplotter designed to meet the needs and providing satisfaction to the consumer. For great prices, Furuno 1834C/NT 10.4-Inch Waterproof Marine GPS chart plotter provides what you need, and widely recommended and is a popular choice. Furuno has provided some very good touches to support user needs.

Features of Product
  • Sunlight Viewable Display - 10.4 Color LCD
  • Target or Echo Trails with Selectable Time Intervals
  • Full Functioning Infrared Remote Control
  • 000 Way points including Quick Points, up to 200 Routes consisting of up to 35 Way points
  • Picture Off-Centering or Target Zoom Mode

 Description of Product

avNet vx2 combines radar, GPS/WAAS chart plotter, fish finder, and network weather facsimile into an all-round navigation network. Its wide range of options fulfils virtually every desire you may have for navigation system. Radar, GPS, Network fish finder, Network weather facsimile - a multi station integrated navigation network, NavNet vx2 lets you build your navigation system according to your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art network technology, NavNet vx2 provides you with seamless data sharing and vast future expandability. The heart of NavNet vx2 is its Ethernet-based network. Up to four displays, together with various navigational sensors, can be interconnected in addition to new Max Sea-NavNet navigational software, which adds even more features to your NavNet vx2 network. Stress-free navigation can be performed from any display unit connected to the on board network, due to the high-speed transfer of data available.     

Accessories of Product


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