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Emerald The Colour of Beauty And Of Constant Love

Diamond & Emerald Platinum & 18k Yellow Gold Ring
Emerald is the gemstone of the beryl mineral colored green. The name emerald comes from the greek "smaragdos" or in French language esmeralde which means green gemstone. The beauty of emerald green color unparalleled in the gem world, no wonder if the emerald into the four types of the most precious gems after diamond, blue sapphire and ruby.

Emerald green color is caused by the inclusion of chromium and vanadium. With the inclusion of this cause emeralds to be more brittle than other gems and should be treated with more caution.

Just like any other gem emerald prices are influenced by factors of color, clarity, and cutting. Popular color is emerald green.

Emeralds are many generated by the Colombian State, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Russia, Afghanistan, Australia, Ghana, India, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nambibia, Nigeria, Pakistan and the United States.

In ancient times emeralds considered a sacred stone by the Incas and Aztech are living in South America. An estimated Emerald oldest stone found near the Egyptian Red Sea, which once used by the Pharaoh who lived in 1500SM to 3000SM. This jewel is obtained from mines called "Cleopatra mines" which was rediscovered in the 19th century.

Even in Hindu religious scriptures of the Vedas, it is mentioned that the emerald is a precious green stone that heals, promises good luck and prosperity. So no wonder a lot of treasure found in India, both maharaja and maharanis contains a beautiful Emerald. One of the largest emeralds in the world of fancy called "emerald mogul" is thought to have existed since 1695 as heavy 217.8carats. High stone is 10 cm, prayers and texts written by his side on the other hand ornament engraved with beautiful flowers. Legendary emerald was auctioned on 28 September 2001 at a price of $2.2 million to buyers who do not want to be named.

Emerald green in Europe, regarded as the color of life and springtime which comes round again and again. And for centuries became the color of beauty and eternal love. In ancient Rome the color green symbolizes the Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. And until now the color green still dominate and occupy a special position of many cultures and religions. In countries that use Arabic much green to the flag of their country as a symbol of their unity. In the Catholic religion as the color green is considered the most natural and most fundamental of the liturgical colors.


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