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Seven Most Expensive Colored Diamond In The World

The beauty of a diamond gleam is always cause admiration. Its existence is a rare process of mining, processing, the cutting complexity, making the price becomes exorbitant.

No wonder,  since the beginning of a diamond is found first, diamond-ruled by the kings and rich people, they made ​​the diamonds to decorate themselves while lifting the prestige, such as the following seven diamonds. Reporting from Elle.com, beauty and rarity, make seven colored diamonds in the list of most expensive in the world.

1. Pumpkin Diamond (U.S. $ 3 million)
Berlian Pumpkin

Pumkin diamond discovered in 1997 and was purchased for U.S. $ 1.3 million by Ronald Winston of the House of Harry Winston. Diamonds that have a value of 5.54 carats, the inclusion in the category Fancy Vivid Orange by the Gemological Institute of America.
The name 
Pumpkin was chosen by  Winston, because she bought it the day before Halloween. The price is currently estimated to reach U.S. $ 3 million. Pumpkin diamond ring once worn Halle Berry in 2002, when won an Oscar.
2Flawless Blue Diamond (U.S. $ 9.5 million)
Berlian Flawless Blue
In 2009, Sotheby's auction house in Geneva 
sold Flawless blue diamond , costing U.S. $ 9.5 million. This sale broke the record for most expensive blue diamond. 7.03 carat diamond is rectangular, someone bought an unknown name. He was just doing transactions over the phone for 15 minutes.

3. Sun-Drop Diamond (U.S. $ 10.9)
berlian pear langka
Pear-shaped diamond bright yellow color is found in South Africa in 2010. Diamonds 'Sun Drop', 110.3 carats sold by Cora auction house Sotheby's International through in Geneva. Experts of 
gems claim , precious stones produces the highest gradation of its kind.

4. Wittelsbach diamond-Graff (U.S. $ 24.3)

Found in India in the mid-1600s, the diamond weight is more than 35 carats. In 2008, the diamond was purchased by a British jeweler Laurence Graff..

5. Diamonds Graff Pink (U.S. $ 46)
Berlian pink 24,78 karat

Emerald-cut 24.78 carat diamond is ever owned by a collector of jewelry, Harry Winston. However, in 2010, pink diamond was auctioned at a price of U.S. $ 46 million. After going through the tender process, these diamonds fall into the hands of Laurence Graff.

6.Hope Diamond (U.S. $ 250 million) 
Berlian Hope
Hope diamond is 'live' at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, the United States. Touted as the most romantic diamond and most visited painting 'Mona Lisa'.

Found in India in 1812, 45.52-carat diamond has been moved to many owners over the years, including Harry Winston, Pierre Cartier, and Lord Francis Hope, who is now a name of a diamond. Circulating myth, if this diamond has a curse, the owners will die of suicide.

7. Diamond Spirit of de Grisogono (the price unknown)

Weighs 312.24 carats, Spirit of de Grisogono black diamond is the largest in the world. Mining process conducted over several decades. At first, 587-carat diamond weight. Then, the diamond is enhanced by in a gold ring which is also adorned with 702 white diamonds, totaling 36.69 carats.


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